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Tips and Lessons from My First Cruise

Pardon the extra long post today, I’m just overly excited to share all of the details of my cruise to Bermuda with Royal Caribbean. This was my first ever cruise, and I was admittedly skeptical on whether or not I’m a “cruise person” or not. The idea of being stuck on a boat in the middle of the ocean was actually kind of terrifying to me! I originally posted on Instagram asking for suggestions, tips and hacks for cruise travel, and I am SO appreciative of all feedback that I received. A lot of your advice was put into good use and saved me time and seasickness – I’ll be sharing this in the full post!

Our ship was Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas, a brand new boat and the third largest cruise ship in the world! You guys, it’s huge! I was so so impressed with the number of restaurants, the technology used on board and the space of the cabins. I shared a lot of this on Snapchat during my trip, but in case you missed it, our boat has a Bionic Bar where a robot makes your drinks and delivers them to you! 

Everything I needed on the boat is accessible with my Sea Pass which made it so incredibly easy to access everything on the ship without having to carry around cash, an ID, a credit card, a room key – my Sea Pass held all of that information for me on one card, and I could check it’s activity directly from the TV in my room. I could also access the restaurant menus, onboard entertainment and ship schedules all from my TV. I don’t know if this is the norm on most cruises, but it should be!

I stayed in one of the Ocean View Staterooms that included a balcony – the room is very spacious and had a ton of storage room. I had one person suggest bringing extra hangers, but I had enough hangers in my room to use for all of my outfits that I packed! One thing I want to mention – my room was always kept immaculately clean by my stateroom assistant as well as stocked with towel animals. (The entire boat was SO clean and there were Purel stations all over the boat.

So what are my suggestions for a successful sail to your cruise destination – including one thing that no one mentioned about the Atlantic waters? See the full post for details and outfit links below!

Tips and Suggestions for Cruise Travel

1. Sea Sickness and Ways to Prevent

So this is one of the things that I wasn’t overly concerned about – big mistake. I was actually more focused on the ship capsizing or disappearing in the Bermuda Triangle. So what I should have done was look into Sea Bands (another style here) and motion sickness preventatives. Sea Bands are these little bracelets that are drug-free and use acupuncture pressure points that are effective and reusable. I thankfully, picked up some Bonine chewables which I took regularly while on the boat. (This is the anti-drowsy option over Dramamine.)

2. The Atlantic Ocean is more rough than the Gulf of Mexico.

Whoa. I mean I knew that I’d feel the boat moving while I was on it, but I was NOT expecting the constant rocking back and forth. On night one, we were swaying so much that the hangers were knocking together in the closet. Turns out – after some casual convos with a few regular cruisers – the Atlantic waters are much rougher than say leaving out of Miami or in New Orleans in the Gulf of Mexico. So if you’re planning on leaving from New Jersey, plan on some real movement!

3. Go with the beverage package.

I went back and forth about purchasing a beverage package on the first day, but I ultimately decided to go with it. Why? Water, juices and the standard coffee choices are all free, but if you want the specialty coffee, sodas or liquor, you’re going to be charging it on your Sea Pass each time. Trust me, you’ll want to have the option to get whatever you want on the drink menus! 

4. The Zoom wifi is legit.

One of my main fears of going on this cruise was the thought of not having wifi. Sure unplugging is great – but not having the option to plug back in – pretty scary! The Zoom wifi package on Royal Caribbean was actually very reliable. I was super impressed with the internet situation, and it only got spotty on Day 5 when we were going through a rain storm. I was able to post on social media at all of my normal times with no issue at all while on the boat!

5.  Pack More Casual Clothes

I got so cozy and comfy on the boat that I almost ran out of loungewear and pajamas! Sure I packed a ton of cute swimsuits and rompers and dresses for dinner, but I sort of overlooked comfy clothes too! I started re-purposing my coverups for tops (check it out on Instagram for examples) which luckily turned out super cute too. See what I packed in this post.

Do you guys have any helpful cruise tips for me to add to my list? Shoot me an email at [email protected]

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  • Reply Carey

    Sounds like it was a fun trip! Thanks for the tips!


    May 6, 2016 at 7:04 pm
  • Reply prettytoothdoc

    Thanks for the tips! I'm actually leaving on my first cruise in 2 weeks with Royal Caribbean. I'm nervous and excited at the same time. I will definitely be using your tips!

    May 6, 2016 at 10:04 pm
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