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The Spot That Changed My Skincare

Last fall, a red spot appeared on my face right underneath my left eye that was followed by countless dermatologist and esthetician visits. Shortly after, my skincare routine changed completely. I normally don’t get too serious in my blog posts, but I know that with this blog as a platform I can maybe help someone that could have the same issue arise. 

Initially, I brushed the spot off as a sensitivity spot from my Clarsonic, but after it became brighter and more prominent, I started to take it seriously. You always hear that “new spots” are the ones to be most worried about… Have you ever googled “red spot on face” – I did. (Cue panic attack) Not even 5 minutes after that Google search, I had booked a dermatologist appointment for the next day. The verdict from my doctor’s appointment was this – I have lentigo. 

Read more about lentigo and my updated skincare routine in today’s full post with Colorescience.

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So what is lentigo? It’s basically (and thankfully) a sunspot. It’s a small pigmented spot with a clearly defined edge, surrounded by normal skin. Luckily for me, lentigo spots are normal, but it is an indicator of skin over-exposed to the sun. The appearance of lentigo at my age also suggests that more spots will most likely appear. These spots live under the skin after sun-exposure and eventually come to the surface. If not treated, the spots could even “grow legs” and spread to create larger areas of dark skin.

For the first time, I’m wiping off the makeup to show you my spot. The spot has been treated in a variety of ways including liquid nitrogen which means it’s lighter than it previously was. You can see it lightly in the photo below right underneath the freckle.

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colorescience products

colorescience products

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Before the spot lightened, it was super dark. It would turn red after I washed my face, and it would show even from underneath concealer. I was really self-conscious about the spot, and during that time, I would use photos in my posts that didn’t highlight that side of my face – often turning to show the right side of my face.

Colorescience has a product with heavy coverage to hide these types of sunspots even when they’re full-blown in color. Even Up is a pigment perfector that immediately evens up the skin tone while providing SPF 50 protection. The SPF is important in this product to prevent new skin damage from occurring, but there are also 4 key ingredients that will reduce the appearance of skin discolorations over time. Consider it a concealer on steroids!

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If you want extra protection and a powder finish, you can layer the a mineral sunscreen on top – see my previous post on the Sunforgettable Sunscreen brush.

With these two Colorescience products, I can treat, prevent, and cover up my spot. And I do realize, it’s only one spot, but many people out there have more than just one spot – which is why I wanted to share this on my blog. If I struggle with just one dark area, then there must be so many more people with the same issue on a much larger scale.

I’m going to be covering my new skincare routine over a series of posts. I wanted to share this one FIRST because these Colorescience products can give you an immediate way to cover and treat sunspots and discolorations.

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Thank you so much to Colorescience for teaming up with me for today’s post. My skin is going to be something I’m constantly working on and my skincare is something I’m going to constantly be testing to find the best products for my face. I would love to hear if anyone has similar issues or has found products that have helped them with sunspots or discolorations. Please shoot me an email – [email protected]

If you have also tried Colorescience or have any questions about the product please feel free to contact me also!

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