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The Truth About Loop Giveaways

loop giveaways on Instagram

You’ve no doubt already seen the various “Loop Giveaways” on Instagram lately. Because I follow a lot of bloggers, I’ve seen various types of these giveaways and have even participated in two myself. (And I’m actually participating in one happening right now for a gift card to Anthropologie.) 

I was driven to write this post after reading comments under two loop giveaways that I saw on Instagram that I was not participating in:

“Oh fun, another fake giveaway that no one will ever win.”

I cannot say this to be true about ALL loop giveaways, but I can say this to be true about the ones I participate in – They ARE real and people DO win. I know this because each and every blogger involved is putting in money towards the final amount. The gift card is not provided to the bloggers by the brand that the gift card is from – the bloggers are paying out of pocket for the giveaway item. I also make sure to tag the person that has won in the very last comment letting everyone know that the both winner and account are real.

“This is just a way to fool people into following their accounts.”

Of course, the main reason to host any giveaway is to reward our followers! But blogging is a community too. By coming together to host loop giveaways, we are supporting each other by sharing each other’s accounts – accounts that we’d love to introduce to our own followers. Before I participate in any loop giveaway, I ask to know all the bloggers participating to make sure that they are accounts with high quality content, beautiful photographs and are in line with A Pinch of Lovely’s audience. New followers that I gain by these giveaways are never required to follow APoL for any given amount of time. If they follow and then enjoy my content, then we’ve both benefited! 

I cannot emphasize enough, that bloggers cannot be successful without the support of one another, and loop giveaways are a great way for us to introduce each other to a new audience we wouldn’t normally reach. In fact, I LOVE finding new bloggers to follow via loop giveaways! 

So while I know some skepticism may be out there about this type of contest, I hope that I have at least helped give some insight on my end as to why I participate. If you have ANY questions about loop giveaways, please email me at [email protected]!

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  • Reply Jasmine Hoover

    I actually stumbled across this post while trying to search about the legitimacy of the loop giveaways. I've spent lots of my time doing them when I follow someone that does it, but, to be honest, have never even seen a winner posted. Don't take what people have said personally, because as someone on this side of things it a brand new concept that I have been unsure of how to feel about myself, leading me here. I like the concept, just hard to know, ya know? Glad it led me here to your blog, though, I'll be following😘

    April 6, 2015 at 6:04 am
  • Reply Rachel Medlock

    My question is, how does one join a loop giveaway? Are there popular hosts?

    May 28, 2016 at 12:09 am
  • Reply Lisa Tran

    I just googled loop giveaways and found your post. I'm curious as well, how does one join a loop giveaway? Any recommendations? Btw – love your blog name!!! 🙂


    June 2, 2016 at 5:52 am
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