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Ingredients for a Sweet Valentine’s Day

Who is ready for some Valentine’s Day sweets inspiration? Today, I’ve partnered up with Glade – yes, the very same Glade that helps make your home smell fantastic – to bring you a post inspired by their newest scent coming out next month – a delicious blend of fresh peonies and cherries. And since Glade is giving us these flirty ingredients to infuse in our homes, I decided that I would also come up with a mix of ingredients to come up with a fun and playful Valentine’s Day treat!

See the complete white chocolate popcorn tutorial in the full post as well as where I’m using my Glade scents in my own home!

A disclaimer for everyone – I’m not a wiz in the kitchen, so this recipe/tutorial for white chocolate popcorn is SUPER easy! (And it’s even easier to look down at the bowl and realize you’ve eaten all of it already.) You need:

white chocolate
lots of sprinkles
wax paper
cookie sheet
double boiler or two pots

First pop your popcorn – a relatively plain kind. If you’re going the popcorn-in-a-bag route, think lightly salted, NON-buttery popcorn. We want the white chocolate to steal the show, not the movie theater butter taste.

Heat up your white chocolate. The amount will depend on your popcorn amount, but it’s always better to have slightly more heated just in case. I don’t have a fancy double boiler, so I’ve always used a method similar to this one using two pots

Put all of your popcorn into a bowl and pour in the white chocolate while stirring to make sure every piece gets covered. (This is when you decide on how much chocolate you’d like to coat the popcorn with!) I also stirred in fun sprinkles, because hello, everything is better with sprinkles. Once everything is coated with the chocolate, pour the mixture onto wax paper on a cookie sheet to allow it time to dry.

Once my mixture dried, I put it in two super cute bowls, and it was ready for movie night aka Netflix night at our house. This is the perfect thing to make if you’re craving a quick sweet and salty treat. OR you could make a huge batch for the kids to bring to school!

See, you don’t need a ton of ingredients to make a big impact – which is exactly why I was inspired by Glade to share this recipe. As soon as I smelled the Blooming Peony and Cherry candle, I was inspired to share something equally as delicious with just as few ingredients. For even more inspiration from Glade’s newest scents, visit the Glade Pinterest page!

Thank you to Glade for sponsoring this post!

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