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Vegas Girls Weekend Recap!

I’m excited to finally recap my recent Las Vegas girls trip weekend and share all of the things we did as well as tips to help you plan your next Vegas getaway! I mean all of my trips to Vegas are a blast, but this was one for the books! Britney, a TAO dance party and plenty of mimosas – read on for all the details on where to go, where to eat, and where to stay in Vegas!

the venetian las vegas

Where We Stayed

Kathleen (Carrie Bradshaw Lied), Nikki (My Style Diaries), Jenn (Haute Off the Rack) and I had the absolute best time during our stay with The Venetian and The Palazzo hotels. This was my first time staying in one of the Venetian suites (ALL of the rooms in both of the hotels are suites!) although I have been to the hotel before many times to see the famous gondola rides and to eat at TAO – so delicious you guys. Because Jenn and I are habitual overpackers, we really loved all of the extra space that the suites offered us. And maybe most importantly the bathrooms were HUGE! These rooms would be perfect for a big girls trip or even as a place to host a lingerie shower for a bachelorette party.

what to wear out in vegas

jacket / white t-shirt / necklace / skirt / crossbody

Where We Played

No, I’m not talking about playing slots, but where we went for nightlife! We specifically picked out dates when we knew Britney Spears would be performing, so Night One was dedicated to seeing Britney’s Vegas show – which she killed by the way. SO good! I’ve been to her concert before, but at this one, they play ALL of the good songs you’ll wanna sing along to, and the entertainment value is definitely there. Can I tell you how excited I am for the Vegas Backstreet Boys show to start in the spring?

Night Two was our big night. We started out by seeing the BAZ, the Vegas show in the Palazzo Theater. I would describe this show as an interactive musical that combines Romeo and Juliet, Moulin Rouge and The Great Gatsby – which makes more sense when you see the tragic love stories intertwine. It was a great production with live music played on stage and the characters performing throughout the audience. Later that night, we got a little crazy with bottle service and a table at TAO, the nightclub located in the Palazzo and Venetian Canal Shoppes. I’ve been to TAO nightclub multiple times before this, and I like this club (and the restaurant) because they play hip-hop music instead of EDM/club mixes. We had so much fun, I definitely took advantage of my giant fluffy bed and slept in late the next morning…

venetian canal shoppes

Where to Shop

One of the best parts about staying in the Venetian and Palazzo Hotels is that you literally never have to leave the property. You have everything you need right there! The Canal Shoppes literally offer every type of store you can imagine – which is great in case you forgot something, lost something or just wanna splurge. There’s also a Walgreen’s attached if you’re looking for headache medicine after a long night out…

And right now there’s a live art installation that’s quickly becoming a popular photo spot! Visit LOVE by Laura Kimpton right where the Palazzo and Venetian connect in the Waterfall Atrium and snap a photo inside of the O!

what to pack for Vegas in the fall

lace up sweater / jeans / bag / shoes / shoes 2choker

Where We Ate

Seriously one of my favorite reasons to go to Vegas is to eat the food – it’s literally the best, and we ate at some amazing places this go ’round. 

Jenn and I arrived super early on Wednesday when breakfast and brunch were still an option, so we decided to split Huevos Rancheros at the Grand Luxe Cafe in the Venetian. You guys. It was so delicious that I kinda wished that we hadn’t split it so that I could eat the entire thing by myself. The menu is extensive here and offers late night dining options as well!

Night One before Britney, we walked over to the Palazzo for dinner at LAVO. We had eaten at LAVO in NYC for brunch during fashion week, so we already had a heads up on the menu and the fact that we needed to order the giant meatball. We wanted to try a lot of the menu, so we ordered multiple items to share. The way to go is ordering one of the pizzas, two pasta dishes (mushroom gnocchi!) and a few apps. You’ll get a little taste of everything!

You can’t go to Vegas without hitting up a great brunch spot, so the next day, we went to Bouchon, a French bistro located in the Venezia Tower of the Venetian (this tower is gorgeous). Definitely order a side of the truffle fries as an appetizer to go with your bellini or mimosa and request to sit on the outside patio overlooking the garden. This spot was not only a great way to start the day, but we also got the best coffees to-go!

After seeing BAZ, we headed right over to SUSHISAMBA which was a quick walk across the casino floor. This place is so delicious you guys if you can make it past the appetizers without gorging yourself. Absolutely have to try the tempura green beans because the sauce that comes with them is amazing. I could have eaten all of them as a meal, but then I would have missed out on the sushi. I can’t even remember which rolls we got, but judging from the three we did get – you cannot get a bad one. They are all delicious. We ate so much we couldn’t even talk about the dessert menu, haha. ALSO, ask about their “shot tree” where they bring this display of shot size cocktails for you to try three different drinks on their menu. One of my favorite parts!

canyon ranch spaclub in vegas

Where to Relax

After a long night on the dance floor or a long day walking the stretch of Canal Shoppes, you might want to take a little “me time” to relax and recharge. We decided to treat ourselves to the new All-In Massage at Canyon Ranch SpaClub, the spa nestled into the middle of the two hotels. Y’all. This spa is huge – definitely the biggest I’ve ever seen. There were so many different rooms – thermal cabins, steam rooms, a room that literally rains on you, a room with zero gravity lounge chairs. There was also a room where you literally sit amidst salt rocks. I didn’t have nearly enough time in this spa to try every single thing even though I really wanted to!

Our massage was 80 relaxing minutes that included a stone massage, shiatsu (applying pressure to your pressure points, I really liked this part), reflexology, and focused massage on tension points around your head, neck and shoulders. I had never gotten any reflexology or shiatsu treatments before, so this was definitely new for me. I liked how it was all included in one massage so that you could get the benefits of all the different massage techniques.

And we also got to drink those yummy coconut waters seen above. I previously thought that I didn’t like coconut water, but apparently I’ve been drinking the wrong kind because those were delicious – and I think part of the reason I didn’t feel completely terrible Friday morning!

what to pack for vegas in the fall

camisole / cardigan / bagjeans / choker / sunglasses

What To Pack

Packing for this trip was seriously difficult for me because every time I’ve gone to Vegas, it’s been during the spring or summer – so the hottest months. Visiting in the fall was sort of a conundrum because it was warm in the daytime but chilly at night. I basically went for my lightest fall pieces and layers that I could swap in and out. Booties were a must-have a night as well as moto jackets. During the day I wore camisoles with a cardi and my favorite black skinny jeans. For more on what I wore on this trip, you can find those details underneath the photos in this post.

Venetian Venezia Tower Gardens

lace up sweater

lace up sweater / handbagjeans / chokersunglasses

Thank you to The Venetian and The Palazzo Hotels for welcoming us and helping us plan the perfect girls trip weekend!

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