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The Real Reasons Bloggers Go To NYFW

We don’t work in magazines and we aren’t buyers,
so why the heck are bloggers invited to fashion week and what exactly do we do there? 

There’s a good chance this is a question that you’ve asked as you scroll through all of the NYFW Instagram posts that become – let’s face it – a little repetitive and dare I say it – a little annoying? Believe me, I’ve even asked myself this question multiple times – why am I doing this again? I’m diving into this burning question in today’s post!  (Spoiler alert: The answer is not to parade around in pretty outfits!)

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My first fashion week, I knew nothing and no one. I was completely overwhelmed and went to fashion week for all of the wrong reasons. I got my first few show invites and thought – Hey this is going to be so fun, I’ll dress up in fun outfits and drink champagne. Okay, there is a little of that, but I quickly realized fashion week is work! It’s is a glamorous work trip that will leave you completely exhausted and at the same time, excited to work even harder. My approach to fashion week is completely different now that I know more about the real reason I’m invited and the real reason it’s imperative to my career as a digital content creator.

In a nutshell, bloggers are invited to fashion week shows because they are consumers that tap into trends and make them attainable for their individual demographics. Not everything shown on the runway is relatable (or even completely affordable) for most audiences, so it’s an influencer’s job to take those designer inspirations and take them from runway to real life through their blogs and social media. At the same time, the audience feels like they are also a part of the experience!

In addition to the shows, there are lunches, dinners, in-store events and branded events that all serve as priceless networking opportunities. Fashion week for me has become one of the best opportunities to deepen my connections with PR companies and brands. Establishing and creating relationships in your industry is vital to finding success in your career – especially as an entrepreneur! Now that I work from home without coworkers, establishing friendships and even business relationships with other influencers is the closest thing I can have to a coworker type relationship. (I will be covering this topic individually very soon!)

For example, every 9-to-5 career has a conference or convention where like-minded people in the same industry attend to learn and network with one another. Fashion Week is like the HOW Conference to graphic designers. It’s like Comic Con to sci-fi enthusiasts. Some of my most memorable NYFW dinner conversations have been both career-changing and life-changing! I’ve also learned a lot about my readers and audience on social media and how I can be the best resource to them while in New York.

One of my main goals this September is to to be both present and intentional with the content that I’m sharing including posts like this one that really give you guys a better insight into how I approach fashion week and what really goes on behind the Instagram outfit photos.

So now I have to ask, what do you guys want to see from fashion week? 

I’d love for you to shoot me a quick message sharing your thoughts, pet peeves, suggestions etc! Email me at [email protected], and I’ll be sharing my favorite responses throughout the week as well as a few fun giveaways!

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